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About the Author -

Hi, my name is Sheila,

I have been a dental assistant for over 8 years and have been extremely successful at it. I was hired without a degree or prior experience and you can too!  

This book gives you dozens of tips for the job application, interview and working as a team player. The rest is up to you!

Yes, YOU can become an entry- level dental assistant WITHOUT a college degree, certification, or formal training for free!   Most people do not know that you can get hired and work as an entry-level dental assistant in most states without any experience whatsoever.  

Take the quick quiz and discover if you have the qualities you need to master a career as a dental assistant.    Quiz

This could be YOU


Become a Dental Assistant  WITHOUT a degree!

YOU can Become a dental assistant with just a smile!

  • Have you ever considered working in a dentist office as a Dental Assistant?

    If you have ever entertained the idea of working in a dental office as an assistant,  this is your opportunity.   more>>

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Our Mission - 

To inform anyone interested in career in Dentistry, YOU  can become a Dental Assistant without a degree-

Yes, you can!  Find out how  





Contact:  Sheila Schiff

dental assistant opportunity
P.O. Box 1223 Sugar Grove, IL. 60554
Tel: 617-555-1212

Internet: www.dentalassistantopportunity.com    dentaljobinfo@aol.com


For More Information or order by mail

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